About Choko

Choko was set up in Cholsey as a community linking project with the aim of raising funds for disadvantaged communities in the Kodumela region of South Africa - hence the name from Cholsey and Kodumela.

CHOKO have been raising money and supporting a variety of African Community Projects since 2005. Every year through GoMAD in Tanzania (and previously WorldVision) we have sought to connect with these African communities through the linking of schools, churches and visits while also holding events in Cholsey to help fund vital projects that can help to improve living and healthcare standards and provide means for sustainable employment so helping communities to grow and overcome barriers to progress.

The current focus with GoMAD is on maternal and infant mortality. This year we are looking to raise money to make the following improvements to a clinic in the North Mara region in Tanzania where GoMAD operate.

  • Mattresses, bed linen and mosquito nets to equip a spare room in the clinic for women to stay over for a day or so to recover from their birth.
  • Monthly allowance to pay for an ambulance service for women to go to the bigger hospitals to have C sections or help with complicated births.
  • Small extension to the clinic to provide temporary accommodation for pregnant women to stay in prior to giving birth so that they are close to the clinic.
  • Midwife to work in the evenings when most women give birth.
  • Equiping a room for a midwife to sleep over in when she is on night duty.

The CHOKO beer festival also raises funds for the Cholsey Primary School PTA and have supported a number of other local charities during our 15 years of fundraising.

For more information on GoMAD in Tanzania, please visit their website at https://www.gomakeadifference.co.uk/

For more information on CHOKO, please visit our main website at http://choko.org.uk/

Get Your Tickets

Please buy your tickets in advance if you can, it will help us to make sure we don't run out of beer too early!

Due to high demand, and because we want the event to be the best it can be, there will be limited tickets available on the day.

Tickets are available from R G Parks the Butchers, located in the Forty, Cholsey or buy online now by clicking the link below.